What’s On Our Brand New Tap system

We are proud to offer the following Imports, local craft brewers, domestic draught and ciders.


  • Guinness Stout
  • Erdinger Dunkel
  • Kilkenny Cream Ale
  • Little Brown Jug (Rotating)
  • Kilter Brewery (JUCII)
  • Trans Canada Brewery (Rotating)
  • Lake of The Woods
  • Big Rock: Traditional Ale
  • Big Rock: Grasshopper
  • Okanagan Springs 1516
  • Sleeman’s Original Pale Brown
  • Sleeman’s Honey Brown
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Belgian Moon (Blue Moon)
  • Ask your server for more


Kokanee                              Standard                                Budweiser            Magners

Moosehead                          Michelob Ultra                       Stella Artois          Strongbow

Bud Light                             Innis & Gunn                          Corona                 Somersby

Labatt Blue                          MGD                                      Twisted Tea

Angry Orchard                     Smirnoff                                 Non-Alcoholic Beverage